Best Free UK Business Directories

1st Nov, 16

So you've got a new website and you've submitted your website to the search engines... great. Now onto the next steps.

By using business directories you are essentially widening your online presence, end-users may use directories to find local businesses so it's only beneficial for you to be there also. We've put together the top 15 free UK business directories we trust and use, follow our little guide and you'll be heading the right direction.

These business directories will also help improve your local search engine presence, this means that potential customers searching for a local service have a better chance of finding your website. This is called link building, by doing this you're essentially linking other websites to your own and in return the search engines will pick up on these links and improve your presence on search engines. In other words it's a must do for any new or established business with an online presence.

What we recommend you do with these free UK business directories

  • Fill in as much information as you can. Some of these business directories will allow you to include links to your website, social media and portfolio, if applicable be sure to add as much information as possible.
  • Try and keep each business listing unique, this means don't use the same description over and over as you'll reduce the value of your content. Keep it simple and straight to the point!
  • Always include your website address, this is called a "backlink" these will help improve your search engine rankings be it on Google, Bing etc.
  • It's always a good idea to include a physical address when possible. This helps the end-user and search engines better understand your location.
  • You don't need to pay for business directories. The ones included below are free of charge and beneficial to your online presence.

Below you'll find 15 of the best free UK business directories out there!

1. Google My Business

This one is a no-brainer, Google offers a free service that allows you to list you business on Google Maps. Once verified your listing will also appear on Google.

2. Cylex UK

Cylex is a UK based business directory. It's easy to sign up to and is used by thousands of end-users across the UK, it's like it's own little search engine.

3. FreeIndex

Another great example, FreeIndex is a UK based business directory that's also a great platform for showcasing your services, projects and reviews.


Thomson Directories have been around for a while now offering free business listings that do the trick. A well known directory with a large following.

5. Small Business Directory

This one has the name that say's it all really, it's a UK business directory for smaller businesses such as startups, sole-traders and more.

6. Scoot

Scoot is a online company search directory, it's free and easy to setup however they do like to call and offer you services from time to time. You've been warned.

7. TouchLocal

Part of the Scoot network but works as a separate website, if you're signing up for Scoot's business directory you might as well do the same for TouchLocal.

8. Yell

Yell is one of the better know business directories out there, it looks great and again has quite a following so it may help generate leads for your business.

9. Yelp

Another well known of business directory, Yelp is one of my personal favourites. With a large following you can't go wrong.

10. Business Magnet

A UK based free business directory, they call themselves the ultimate UK business directory so... yeah. It does the trick, get it setup!

11. Brownbook

One I recently came across, it's a free and simple to setup business listing that's pretty nifty. Does the trick and well worth signing up to.

12. Britaine

A town/city specific UK business directory that's free. Just click on the town/city in which you're based and start listing your business.

13. Moblocal

Community run UK business directory offering free listings, the great part about this business directory is that it's community run.

14. Locanto

A classified business directory, another town/city specific directory that allows you to include images and links along with your business listing.

15. mysheriff

Free business advertising on UK business directory, another one that adds to your overall off-page SEO presence and benefits your rankings.

So there you go! these are in our opinion the best free UK business directories. If you've found this post useful or if you know someone that could benefit from this post be sure to use the below share buttons and spread the word, by doing that you're also helping us out!

1st Nov, 16

Best Free UK Business Directories

So you've got a new website and you've submitted your website to the search engines... great. Now onto the next steps.

By using business directories you are essentially widening your online presence, end-users may use…

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